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A Blender For All Seasons

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Having a good blender can do a lot of wonders in the kitchen. They have a lot of different uses for just about any meal, from appetizers to drinks and desserts. They can make eating healthy, a little bit more manageable, without taking a long time to prepare. A lot of people don’t actually use a blender or settle for those little hand blenders. Those can be nice for some small things, but a real blender can bring life to a party.

Blenders are a great tool to make you, or your kids eat a little healthier. You can blend so many different things together, that your kids will never know there’s a bunch of vegetables in their smoothies.

There are so many different types of blenders on the market right now. You could read a blender review and still not be sure if it’s actually worth getting. Some of them are also ridiculously expensive, upwards of $500 USD.

In my opinion, the most important factor when picking a blender is, its power to blend. Even though, you might think you’ll never want to blend say, nuts, you don’t want be in the position where you want to, but can’t. If you’re going to be doing some heavy duty blending of some pretty hard solids, you’ll want your blender to last.

Basically, what you want is either a blender with some decent horse power, say 2 HP or in other words, something with a lot of Watts, like 1000+. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to buy an expensive blender, but it will dictate the quality of the blend. If you want real smooth creams, sauces or smoothies, you’ll need the power to do so.

The other factor you need to know before buying a blender is, what kind of blending are you going to be primarily doing? If you’re not a perfectionist and can deal with say, some pulp or some solids in your blends, then you could get away with getting a cheaper model. If you aren’t going to be blending a lot, then don’t spend a lot either.

Read a blender review before buying one. Then read the same blender review from another source and try to verify the claims of the first review. I know, it might seem like a little work, but when you buy anything that can costs hundreds of dollars, it is better to do your homework than go out on a limb. Alternatively, you can just go to somewhere reputable like MermaidDiaries and select one of their top picks.

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